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Dead crazy.

— 1 month ago
"There’s Three sides to every story…
Yours, Theirs and the Truth."
— 1 month ago

My first true to myself fancy was one which could instantaneously be perceived as not one to be proud of but coming of an older age, it’s one that I’m grateful for! It just puts a massive smile on my face thinking about the times of naïvety being in such a group and experiencing the kinds of superiority that it was attached to it which at the time felt empowering. Oh the wonderful young days! Smarts, questionable paths, dorky aesthetics, gentleness, personalities of desired freedom yet the background and surrounding of a place to be desired by many. To have met this person was due the grace of nature haha! Everything I’m experiencing now was what was leaked to me then. The wonders of life?! :)

— 2 months ago

Knowing that I have a friend I unconditionally love and vice versa is frankly wonderful 👌 Genuinely been through so many things and it’s kept so light and always comes out happy ✌

— 2 months ago with 1 note

Being angry is so shit as well as having anger.

Swings and fucking roundabouts isn’t it. It’s good to have fire but it’s often from heat of the moment and misfired, in that case it never helps.

— 2 months ago
"Oh please be true that you’re your own person, I wish you well"
That strangely true and weird guy ✌💓
— 3 months ago
"it’s good to know"

Realising that I’m not missed out at all and I’m here is so comforting but the strings that other people draw complicate things oh so well, especially when vulnerability and influence are involved…

don’t think I’d be in a state to handle such intensity in this time right now myself.

Starting to wonder whether the distance in commonality is dawning as a non positive thing, and it hurts to think…

m p+l

— 3 months ago
"You’ve got a warm heart, you’ve got a beautiful brain but it’s disintegrated… from all the medicine"
— 3 months ago

I need to take a trip, I need to see reality…

— 3 months ago